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I am a very casual blogger. I mean maybe I get a post a week. Typically if I get 15 hits in any given day that’s pretty good. What can I say, either people don’t know about my blog, or they just don’t care. Either way, I am fine with that. I blog mainly as a creative outlet for my gaming life. For whatever reason my wife has very little interest in it. Anyway, I digress.

I am a very casual blogger. (Is there an echo in here?) So you can imagine my surprise to log into the WordPress dashboard and see that one of my posts has more hits in two days than my blog typically gets in a couple weeks. I was puzzled. Did I accidentally tag the post as “free porn” or something? So I did a little sleuthing and saw that there were a bunch of hits coming from the SOE Station site. I click on the link and scroll down and there in the middle of the website is a link to my post on making it to level 42! Some of you veteran bloggers out there might think of this as no big deal or old hat, but it is pretty exciting to me. Anyway, thanks to someone at SOE for noticing my silly ol’ blog.


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4 Responses to “Reader Spike”

  1. victorstillwater Says:

    Grats on making it to the SOE Station Site. 😀 *hugs*

  2. We Fly Spitfires Says:

    Grats! It’s always nice to be appreciated by your readers!

  3. Gunthore Says:

    Congrats, I was sent here from

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