/Ding 42 in EQ2


I managed to reach the lofty level of 42 the other day in EQ2 and met the requirement to continue traveling down the Golden Path. I talked to the quest NPC and he gave me this song and dance about why I needed to head to the new zone … blah, blah, blah. Anyway, he told me to head to Lavastorm, and thus I obliged. I arrived at the Lavastorm dock area and I must say that it was about what I would expect a volcanic zone to look like (not remotely what it looked like in EQ1).

I really hope the horseshoes on the mount can handle this place! Anyway I am starting to learn my way around this area and dying here and there. I walked one way and the mobs were level 45 and yellow. I walked the other way there were red con level 80+ mobs all over the place. I experienced my first one hit kill today. It was refreshing! It looks like I have another ten levels to go before I can advance the golden path quest, so I might just want to figger this place out!


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  1. Tuvogg Says:

    They should put up a big sign on Lavastorm docks, “Level 40s should not turn left under any circumstances”

    If you dont already know, the area to the left of the docks contains the quests that will lead to access to the Ward of Elements raid zone, and your daily solo TSO shard quest 🙂

  2. kaozz Says:

    Gratz on 42 🙂

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