DA:O Round 2


It has been quite a while since Dragon Age: Origins first dropped. I will always have an interesting connection with this game because it is the first game that I really blogged about in any detail. That being said, I played through it at a breakneck pace so that I could finish it and give it a review in a timely manner. In retrospect this was a big mistake as I have been reluctant to get back into the game since then because I have some bad feelings kicking around in my head about that. Anyway, I have been giving EQ2 a bit of a break to catch my breath with it and I decided to finally get back into DA:O. Here are some things that I have experienced as of late.

  • The first time I played through, I used a warrior as my PC. After all this blog is named “The Meat Shield” and this was the game I was cutting my teeth on. This turned out to be a bad idea simply because I was playing through as a good character and that really left me with only one mage to use because Morrigan would just get ticked off at all of my righteous decisions. As you may have read elsewhere, this game is very difficult if you don’t have two spellcasters in your group. The second time through I made a mage and now between my PC and Morrigan (respecced of course) we mow through content. Much better!
  • There are a ton of Mods out there now. If you go to the BioWare community website, there are pages upon pages of mods! I believe half of them are pointless (i.e. nude mods or somesuch) but there are a few that seemed pretty neat. There are also a number of player made adventures though I admit I have not tried any. Of note there looks to be a project to port Baldur’s Gate II to the DA:O engine. I can’t even imagine the effort involved in that. I picked up this one that allows you to bash open a locked chest if you don’t have a lock picker along.

  • Besides the respec mod and the campsite storage chest mod, I found one that allows you to bring your dog along as a fifth character. It could be considered cheating I suppose. I always felt that I wanted to bring the puppy along in my first play through, but I never wanted to waste a character slot on him. Now I don’t have to! I am looking to drop Wynn (though having three mages is way cool even though a bit over powered) and Shale and pick up Oghren and Zevran. The golum is pretty neat, so I may change my mind and keep him.
  • The second time through so far is less rewarding as far as the story goes, but has been neat to see all the things I missed the first time through. I am currently keeping an eye on the game banshee walkthrough to help me find some things I missed when I just plowed through it before.

All-in-all I am finding it nice to relax and take this game slow. If I make it through a couple of rooms in a gaming session, that’s fine. I can pause right where I am and start up there when I load the game the next time. That is one thing I don’t miss about MMO’s.


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