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I read the latest edition of PC Gamer the other day and I found myself getting really excited about some new games that are on the horizon. I have had my eye on them for quite some time, but I guess the fact that they are almost here has gotten me thinking about them a lot more than I have in the past.

Anyway I am patiently waiting for Blizzard to finally declare Starcraft II “Done.” A lot of people are saying it is just Starcraft I with new graphics, but I can only assume that this is in reference to the multiplayer aspect of the game. I rarely play these games in multiplayer mode, but rather really enjoy spending an hour or two building up an impenetrable base and then sweeping out and wreaking destruction on the opponent all the while keeping an eye on the back story.

I am also chomping at the bit to get my hands on Mafia II when it releases. I could take or leave the GTA games, but the original Mafia was a really cool game because once again it had a great story. Am I getting predictable…is there a theme here? The concept in the sequel is pretty much the same as the original: Average Joe falls into work for the mob and then the game follows his story through to some form of completion. The original more or less was a video game that followed the story of Goodfellas. The original was set back in the 20’s-30’s complete with vintage cars and music. II appears to be a little more modern, but still looks to be a period piece.

I’m not sure if it is that I am a little bored with EQ2 at the moment (I think I hit it too hard in the beginning but do want to get back to it soon) or what, but I have even found myself logging some hours in MLB 2K10 and I even fired up DA:O today to work on progressing with my second play through. I am looking to play through as a mage with a propensity to be evil instead of the goody-two-shoes warrior that I played through originally.

So what games are you looking forward to? Are they MMO’s or some other genre?


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2 Responses to “On the Horizon”

  1. We Fly Spitfires Says:

    I’m looking forward to SC2 but I’m also slightly annoyed that I won’t be able to play through the Zerg and Protoss campaigns 😦 It’s a real shame that Blizzard decided to release them all as three separate games.

    • Pid Says:

      I agree, but they do claim to have a full game’s worth of content in each release. I am just interested if each installment will be $50 a pop or if the others will be a little cheaper. I’m going to guess that they will not be, but who knows?!

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