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Now this is an interesting concept even though it sounds like a new subscription model (FFP). Age of Conan released an update that will allow you to gain levels while you are not even playing the game! I am not quite sure what I think about that yet, but here is how this works. The game will give your account a pool of level-ups that you can apply to any of your characters that are at least level 30 or higher. It started with every account getting 4 “free” levels and then every four days, the account gets another level that you can distribute to any eligible character. Those are real time days, not days played or anything. The only requirements are an active account and a level 30 character.

Here is what I can see as the benefits of this system:

  • If you have a character or two that are max level you can do end game content with them while slowly building up an alt without slogging through the content again.
  • If you go on vacation, have a rough week at work, or your computer spontaneously decides it needs a vacation…you are actually getting some progress and not completely wasting that time or money.
  • People who just don’t generally have that much time can somewhat keep up with their friends that may have more free time.
  • If you are stuck in the doldrums of some level tier you can get a boost to help speed you through it!

On the other hand, I can see some caveats:

  • Is it fair to people who did the slogging themselves?
  • People might not learn to play their character well due to skipping through much of the content.
  • There is no undo button so if you regret skipping over content, there is nothing you can do about it.

Okay, so the drawbacks are not as many as the benefits, but in the  end if you don’t want to use them you don’t have to. I think it is an interesting idea and I will have to keep my ear to the ground to see if there is any fallout from it.



Apparently Syp does not see this as a positive to MMORPG’s … that or he is just cranky today!

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4 Responses to “AOC Free From Play”

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  3. Xoduz Says:

    Your post makes a lot of sense. This feature doesn’t radically change the way the game is played, and there are a lot more pros than cons to it.

    About one of the caveats you mention:

    “» Is it fair to people who did the slogging themselves?”
    This seems to me similar to arguments made by hardcore/veteran players when developers make content they’re already done with easier, or lower the price of certain items (mounts?) or services to make the game more accessible for new players who will have a hard time catching up to those aforementioned veterans even with those “officially sanctioned cheats”.

    Cue the veteran player going on a rant: “In my days, we had to kill one million boars to gain a level. With frying pans that only dealt 0.1 damage! With laggy servers and unstable internet connections! Why should these nooblings have it easy when we didn’t!? I’m starting a class action lawsuit to get back all the time and effort I put into this!!!11”

    I can’t really say that I sympathize. =P

    • Pid Says:

      I totally agree. I personally don’t care about that sort of thing, but I can see that gripe coming. If it gets people into the game or makes the game worth sticking with considering the amount of subs the game has…why not!

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