Interesting Emails From SOE


I received two interesting emails from SOE yesterday:

Email the First – Apparently SOE is starting a new pricing plan for Everquest 2 which will allow people with inactive accounts to pay five bucks to play for three consecutive days in any given thirty day period. So essentially if you get an itch to see what is new in EQ2 or want to catch a bonus XP weekend or maybe even two box a second account for a short duration (they actually are promoting two boxing in the email!) it’ll cost you a Lincoln.

I think this is a pretty neat idea and is generally good for both SOE (mo money) and players. I am glad to see MMO companies trying something new with pricing schemes. I think maybe having a pay per hour scheme would be a good alternative scheme to have as well. Possible pay $0.50 an hour up to $20 in a given month or something. That way paying $15 a month is a little discounted if you choose to use the flat rate model, but if you just play on weekends or something, you are not footing the whole $15 when you are really only using $6-7 of it.

Email the Second – This one is interesting…apparently EQ1 is allowing mercenaries in Raids now. For those not familiar with EQ1, the Seeds of Destruction expansion introduced mercenaries which essentially are computer controlled player characters. They came in two flavors, tank and healer, and cost a bit of game currency to rent their services. There was a bit of an outcry from the hard core players, but for the most part, they were well received by the player base. The mercenaries could pretty much be used in all content except for raids, but apparently that ban has been lifted and now you will probably find many raids that have a plethora of mercs in them in place of actual PC’s.

I have some mixed feelings about this, but I generally see this as a declining MMO trying to hold on to as much of a player base as it can for as long as it can before shutting down. Unlike some of the modern games, EQ1 had very large raid requirements for a lot of the content (something like 32 characters or more, I can’t remember). With the flagging population on the servers I can imagine getting that many folks together could be difficult for any guild. That is good, but at what point do you just come to grips with the fact that it is time to move on? I’m sure there will be people logging into EQ1 until they power down the servers forever, but at some point you would think SOE could spend the EQ1 resources on other areas. Time will tell what this new adaptation will do for the game. Heck, maybe if they start a $5 weekend for EQ1 I might check it out again.



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5 Responses to “Interesting Emails From SOE”

  1. Ysharros Says:

    Hah! SCOOPED baby, SCOOPED!

    (Yes, I dropped my work the second I saw that come in because I thought “omg omg omg for ONCE I will post about this before anyone else! Quick! I hope Tipa/Stargrace/Syp haven’t seen this yet!” 😀

    I’m not sure about the decline thing. Technically I’d guess an MMO is in decline once it hits its 4th or 5th year anyway (yes, I do think WoW is in decline), though as we’ve seen with many titles those declines can be veeeerrrry slow.

    That said, I do know at least a half dozen people whose playstyle this offer fits to a T. I’d prefer “Pay X get Y hours” myself, but I certainly can name folks who’d love to be able to just pootle about for a whole weekend and then lose access till the next time they pay.

  2. victorstillwater Says:

    The pricing plan is a good step, though I’m still waiting for them to optimize it so that we really can get our money’s worth. 😀

  3. Yetian Says:

    Thanks for the link back. 🙂

    I only discovered it last night when I received the email and was in work early today to write the post before I started. 😉

  4. Pid Says:

    I think it has been talked about before, but a pay-per-hour would be awesome. Maybe make it cost a little more per hour than what it does for an avid gamer that pays for a monthly rate, but have a cap at $20-$25 a month. This way you can be “subbed” to any number of MMO’s, but only pay for what you are playing. It would probably keep burnout down and overall play amongst all MMO’s might rise. Here’s to hoping!

  5. SOE Marketing Genius « Says:

    […] « Interesting Emails From SOE […]

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