I’m a Man on the Edge


Rather a mouse on the edge…of Tier 5 that is. I managed to hit Level 39 today before heading to work. It has been really slow going as of late, mostly due to my work schedule leaving me very little time, or energy to game. I have crammed in an hour here or there, but nothing too crazy.

I did manage to get a tricked out UI for the game from here. It has a few pretty cool features but the main reason I got it was that I wanted to be able to see all my experience bars at once. This is probably trivial, but how hard is it to program an XP bar that has six lines instead of two? Hell, I’d settle for 3 lines and sacrifice the fine tuning lines. Anyway, the first few times I logged in (in retrospect it was probably using different characters) the game really took a long time to load, but it seems to be working out well now. We shall see.

I am hoping to install windows 7 on my computer tomorrow. I finally got a 32 bit version after finding out my processor did not agree with 64 bit. That should make me happy even if it doesn’t make EQ2 work better.


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