To Guild or not to Guild


Many of you have been reading Stillwater’s posts about his renewed efforts in EQ2. I ran into him last night, and a little bit today and he was asking me if I was a guilded and if not whether I would like to be. He is a member of what appears to be a pretty good guild of fellow bloggers and he showed me their website and everything. It seems like a great guild, but I told him I would think about it.


Here is what is running through my mind and maybe if I write it out here it will make sense. I play MMO’s on what one would consider a pretty weird schedule. I often log in 3-4 hours in a given day when I have time, but (and here’s the catch) I don’t play in large blocks of time. I fit it in an hour here or there. I try and log in for the hour or so that my daughter is down for her daily nap, then I go to work during most normal people’s gaming time, and then I play for an hour or two when I get home from work. Now in total that is a decent amount of time to be logged into the game, but it is piecemeal.

Why would that make me ineligible to participate in a guild? I don’t know. Most MMO’s that I have played I don’t last very long in because I don’t have a group of friends (aka guildies) around to make it worth while, so joining a guild should make sense right? I guess I am just worried that I will not have a lot to contribute to a guild because I can’t play for long stretches of time or at “normal” times. I usually don’t get home from work until almost 1 AM ET and how many people are still playing at that point?

I am finding that I really like this game and I really want to establish myself in it for quite some time. Joining a guild seems like the logical thing to do. For a game that was just supposed to bide my time until SW:TOR drops, I am really pleased with it. So I guess that I think my answer will be: “To Guild.” That is of course if they will have me!


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  1. victorstillwater Says:

    Heyo. Just read this now. I’ll talk to the officers I know to see how we can get you in the guild. Just email me the names of your characters on Lucan and I’ll coordinate with them so that they can find you.

    The guild appears to be a predominantly crafting-centered guild and a hub for many things social rather than in-game related. They’ll help you out if you need it. 🙂


    PS: I’m also leveling up a Ratonga Fury at the moment. Look for Civrot if I’m not on as Stillwater

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