Still Alive


Just a quick post to say I am still alive. I had a case of Strep Throat last week and the couple weeks before that at work were murder. I am still rolling in EQ2 and actually made contact with Mr. Stillwater from Games and Geekery today.


2 Responses to “Still Alive”

  1. victorstillwater Says:

    LOL. Everyone calls me Mr. Stillwater instead of Victor Stillwater for some reason.

    Let’s see… links I promised you: is the guild website of an EQ2 guild with some bloggers in it. Feel free to look them over and if you like their setup, I can tell the guild leader you’d like to join. 🙂 — My Favorite Thread in the EQ2 Forums. Tons of little information for newbies. 🙂

    • Pid Says:

      That is funny…I don’t know why I did it to be honest…it just seemed appropriate! Anyway thanks for the links!

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