The New Old EQ


I have been meaning to comment on Tipa’s post about the new survey that Classic Everquest players are being asked to take.

According to Tipa, this is what they are asking players for feedback on:

Poll Question: What new feature would you be most interested in seeing in EverQuest?

  • UI Revamp — Work with the community to come up with a new default skin for the EverQuest UI, with a possibility for other changes like re-sizable hot bars and backpacks (not increased slots, however).
  • Increased inventory space — Revamp the inventory management system to allow backpacks larger than 10 slots.
  • Player housing — Personal player houses with items that can be placed inside, a ranking system, access rights, etc.
  • Improved guild system — Advanced guild rank management, guild halls that allow decoration and item placement (similar to player housing).
  • Revamped bazaar/broker system — Offline trading, trading outside of The Bazaar zone, etc.
  • New player character models — Optional new player character models (any new visible armor would only be visible on the new models).
  • More mercenary types — New AI types like DPS, crowd control, etc.
  • Player generated content system — Allow players to place NPCs and traps, set mission types, and turn loose their custom zone for other players to experience and gain points in a scaling reward system.

My thoughts on these:

UI – The UI is indeed dated, but functional…there is plenty else to focus on that would improve game play.

More inventory space – More space is always handy, but again there are better things to do.

Player Housing – This would add a missing element to the game, ie something to do when not grinding mobs or grinding crafted items.

Improved Guild System – This would be nice, especially for the raiding guilds

Revamped Bazaar – !!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!! The brokerage system in this game is awful! It actually requires that you be logged into the game 24/7 Please fix for all those poor souls that still play this game.

New Player Character Models – This would be well received. The way the models are now, every barbarian warrior looks nearly identical to every other barbarian warrior etc.

More Mercenary Types – This would continue to help sustain a dwindling population, but would really be a blow to PUGs (for those that use them).

Player Generated Content System – I suppose this would be neat, but unless you are at level cap there really is no lack of content in this game. Also, unless done right, there does exist the potential for exploits a la CoH/CoV.

The one point I would make in all of this is: if these things are what you are looking for, why not just go play EQ2 instead? The game is notably more of a theme park than Classic EQ, but many of the same elements exist. Also, a lot of the fluff from EQ1 has carried over to EQ2. I guess if EQ1 is your cup of tea however, there is no substitute. Personally, I do not anticipate trekking in classic Norrath anytime soon.


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