/Ding 31 in EQ2


I just leveled my Necromancer to level 31 today. You can see him in the above photo flying the friendly skies over Butcherblock Mountains. The I am just about ready to embark on the Yellow Brick Road Golden Path quests that start at level 32, and I am trying to wrap up some of the random quests I have left in Tier 3 BB Mts. The questing in BBM was not as well laid out as it was in Timorous Deep, but I was also running back to TD on occasion to do some crafting and other stuff. This may have contributed to the feeling that the quests were haphazardly laid out, but then again, I do think this is a valid point.

Things I did note in Tier 3:

  1. The progress overall seems to have slowed way down from the first two tiers. It did not slow down to the point that I felt I was slogging through the levels, but it was a marked difference from before. Again, part of this I believe is in the layout of the T3 quests. I don’t think the progress was slow enough to complain about, but BBM is definitely starting to lose it’s luster.
  2. If you want to do some harvesting in Tier 3, head to Thundering Steppes and then head west from the docks until you get to Thundermist Valley. Watch out for the griffins, but the area is wide open with resource nodes as far as the eye can see!
  3. By level 30 with about 26 AA’s or so I can easily take on the heroic mobs in BBM solo.
  4. Upgrades to spells becomes more important as you level up. Find a sage and make friends, or roll one up yourself. I have my sage level at 30 on Pidd the Necro.

I am looking forward to the tier 4 content. I hope that the Golden Path quests are all they are cracked up to be!


Pidd Netherbinder on his way from Butcherblock Mts. to the Thundering Steppes

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2 Responses to “/Ding 31 in EQ2”

  1. jmet Says:

    Awesome to hear you are having fun with the Necro, I am fairly new to the game and my Necro is now up to 82… a ton of fun to play!

    Once I hit 90 I am going to roll a Templar so please keep us up to date on the “golden path”!

    • Pid Says:

      Will do, I hope to start down it this week…providing work doesn’t interfere too much. We shall see!

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