A goblin mooned me!


I actually started questing in Butcherblock Mountains today. The quest hubs are centrally located, but the quests take you wandering all sorts of places. I either had to scale a cliff face, run down a beach, or swim out to an island. I was pretty excited when I got to kick the snot out of a giant turtle. Probably the most interesting thing I had seen was a blue aquagoblin waving his rear at me! I mean is that really necessary. Children could be watching! Too funny.

Of note so far, the encounters have become a little more difficult as a solo player. Hopefully I will be duoing and trioing here in the near future with my other character, but for now it’s the solo life for me. Also, anyone heading to tier 3 should note that the resource nodes require a 90 skill to even attempts harvesting from them. This means I will be heading back to TD to get a couple of my skills up a little bit. No biggie, I like that zone anyway!

On a side note, EQ2 Sentinel’s fate has topped the sales charts for PC games for the past two weeks. Go EQ!


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