EQ2 and the Wizard of Oz


I was about to hop onto EQ2 before I had to get ready for work today, but the servers are locked for whatever reason (new expansion…whatever). So I figured I would write this post instead. So what do Dorothy and EQ2 have in common? Maybe you have heard talk of the “Golden Path” coming out of the EQ2 devs. Essentially from what I have read, this golden path (aka Yellow Brick Road) is a change to the game that SOE has made during this last update/expansion. There is a good writeup about it on Zam here. In a nutshell it is a system that the devs have put into place that more or less leads you by the hand in your journey through Norrath. It is designed to enhance the new player experience of the game.

I did not know about this advancement before I tried out the game last month, so it had no bearing on my decision to subscribe to the game, but it really makes sense now. I tried a number of the starting zones with the plethora of characters that I was trying out. I came to the conclusion that Timorous Deep was my favorite area. The reason I liked this area so much is there appears to be a natural progression to the zone. You find out in the beginning that there are two factions fighting each other and you follow the plight of the Sarnaks through the entire zone. Once you hit level 20 or so, you are sent off to Butcherblock Mountains to continue your journey. It is pretty neat all things considered.

Some people might be turned off by this because they like to roam free or they are veterans and have their own idea on how to progress through the game. A number of people (mostly old timers) are upset that the golden path encourages people to start in the newer starter zones and ignore the original starter zones of Freeport and Qeynos. I can kind of see their point, but as a new player I was much happier to play in TD than I was in those areas. I have yet to actually quest in Butcherblock Mts. as I have been trying to finish leveling up my trade skill to tier 3. I finished that last night so providing the servers are live after work today I hope to see if the revamp of that zone is as friendly as TD is now. We shall see…


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