It’s official, I am no longer in Timorous Deep. I have left noobville forever or at least until I feel like crafting some more. I hitched a ride on your friendly neighborhood griffin and headed to butcherblock mountains. I hear the air is a little cleaner there. While I admit I am still a noob, it felt like quite an accomplishment to make it out of the starter area for the first time in this game. I had made any number of characters on the trial account, but none made it out of the starter zones. I plan to make a trip back to TD in order to gather some supplies to level my crafting up to 20 at some point this week, so it won’t be so long forever.

So this brings me to a question. At what point in MMORPG’s do you feel like you are no longer a noob? After a certain level, a certain amount of time, or after some other monumental event? Let me know I’d be curious to find out.


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