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I was caught by surprise on Monday when I got back from my weekend vacation at an indoor water park with my family. Apparently a firestorm whipped up in the Allods online community about the introduction of a death penalty and more importantly the apparent extreme prices of gear in the item shop. I could list a number of references but if you are reading my blog then you clearly already know about hubbub in the greater blogging community.

What I did note was Darren’s post from Common Sense Gamer. Was it the fact that his soap box was so appealing that I wanted to jump on board too? Nope. It made me laugh. Plain and simple. Not that I think Darren’s post was silly or didn’t have valid points, but the delivery just made me laugh to myself. Specifically:

We took it up the ass with the horse, now we’re just providing them with the lube.

Today I read Beau’s comments on Darren’s post and was taken aback at the bashing of Darren’s position. I am not familiar if Beau and Darren have a history or not, and I am familiar with Darren’s $10 horse rant, but sheesh! I think that though Darren’s point of view could have been painted in a more eloquent manner, he does have a valid gripe. There should be some standard of value for what you are buying otherwise Mr. Deeppockets is always going to buy his way through a game. You might say well that’s just fine and dandy for Mr. Deeppockets, as he is paying for me to play this game for free, but I challenge that the essence of a GAME is that it is fair. Life’s not fair, but shouldn’t the games be?

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