Crafting: The Mini Game


I had managed to get Pid up to crafting level (CL) 9 in crafting at which point you need to pick  a more specialized subgenre of crafting as a focus. I picked scholar as my focus thinking that this guy could either make potions for a profit, or maybe make spells. At CL 20 I have to pick from Alchemy, Jewelry, or Sage (ie spellcrafter). The crafting process in EQ2 is a little like a mini game as opposed to other MMO’s that are just grindy click fests. I this case, you can apparently die from crafting! That is crazy! So here is how this thing works. You have a recipe like in any other game, but when you approach the crafting station and start crafting, a little window comes up with six buttons on it and a bunch of blue and green lines. Needless to say I was just randomly pressing buttons and such, and I am quite amazed through the 10 levels I have not died once and have only one failure.

I figured that if I was going to do this frequently, I better try and figure out what the heck I am doing. I stumbled across a crafting guide on Zam that illuminated me to what was going on. I suggest you read this guide before starting because the crafting tutorial guy is a bit of a joke. Also there is a decent guide about harvesting also on Zam.

I managed to make some backpacks for myself before work today and I hope to level up some more in crafting when I get home. Hopefully now that I have a better idea what the buttons do and everything, I should be in better shape. Here’s hoping I don’t blow myself up making heal potions or something!


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