Appearance in EQ2


So I just made Adventure level 20 last night on Pidd and a new tab opened up on my inventory page. Apparently at level 20 you are given a whole new set of item slots that you can fill with appearance gear. This is gear that has no stats associated with it, but your avatar dons this gear in lieu of your normal gear. This way you can look like you are wearing that pink leisure suit, but still have that steel breastplate of frog smiting underneath. (Disclaimer: I really don’t think they have any leisure suit appearance gear.) Apparently I had some reward for buying the expansion pack too so I received a tricked out set of appearance gear too. Sweet! Here is Pidd with his new level 20 undead mage pet guy.

Here is a close up of the garb…sure beats the old gear.

It may be trivial, but coming from an EQ1 vet where every warrior looked identical and every spellcaster looked identical this is a very cool feature. Pid likes!


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