Back in the Saddle Again with Everquest 2


With the release of Sentinel’s Fate, I have officially started my EQ2 subscription yesterday. I had tried the game via a 14 day free trial, and decided it was time to give it an official try. I hope to start making some regular posts now that I am playing an MMO again. Hopefully work and life in general allow for it.

Anyway, I made 2 new characters on the Lucan D’Lere server. The first of my toons is an Arasai Fury that I intend to play as a duo with a friend of mine. He is planning on playing a Shadow Knight so they should be a good tandem. After playing around with the different starting areas I decided Timorous Deep was the way to go. Here is Piddleglum ready to begin his adventures! Yes he is a pixie, but he is an evil pixie so it is cool.

My buddy asked me not to play Piddleglum until he gets the game so I also created a Ratonga Necromancer so that I could play in the interim. I also started him in TD and managed to get him up to Level 10. I hope to make this guy my crafter too once I figure out what I am doing in that regard. I named this guy Pidd.

I’m hoping to make this my main game until TOR finally releases. I will actually be paying for this one so it kind of makes me want to settle into it for a while. So if you find yourself on the Lucan D’lere server I’ll be around.


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  1. victorstillwater Says:

    Have fun with SF! 😀

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