For Freedom…from Boredom


I am patiently awaiting my copy of EQ2 to come in the mail in a little over two weeks, and I have been staring at the game shortcut icons on my desktop with a severe case of malaise. Nothing seemed appealing, thus I looked into my Steam game list and realized that one of the Christmas time impulse buys I had was a little game called Freedom Force. I had played a little bit of it back in 2002 when it came out, but got busy in my school work and never looked at it again…until now.

This game is not for the faint of heart as it is actually quite tactically challenging. The general premise is you control up to four superheroes each with a variety of upgradeable powers and you more or less need to “save the day.” The problem is, the game is not very forgiving in the health category and you really need to use sound tactics to get through the missions. Anyway, after getting the game to finally run on my vista computer, I am having a blast playing this unique, very campy game. Even if I don’t get very far in the game, chances are I will get frustrated with an impossible mission or something, I will not fret because the game and its expansion were about $7. Heck if I get even a week out of it I will consider it money well spent. In the words of Minuteman…”For Freedom!”


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