EQ2 Starry Night


People have mentioned before about having one of those wow moments in a game, and I have had my fare share…but a little rarer are the comments about something in a game that doesn’t knock your socks off but rather just makes you appreciate all the hard work programmers do to try and build a world. I had one of those moments last night, but was too tired to think to take a screen shot. I whipped up a really quick character to try and recreate the shot and managed to get a reasonable facsimile of what I saw. Pictured above is the Freeport newbie zone Outpost of the Overlord. It was a better view last night, but I was trying to get this before work and ran out of time. In essence though you can get the idea.

Of the starter zones that I have tried, the Qeynos and Freeport ones are the most lackluster, but this image just made me realize how cool it is to be playing in a 3D world dreamed up by some other people. The astral phenomenon that is starting to show up here coupled with the water and the lighthouse just made me appreciate the folks behind the game just a little bit more. So next time you are in game – whatever game that may be – be sure to stop and smell the roses once in a while.


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