Holiday Near Death Experience


So I made it back…I looked death in the eye and said “no.” Okay so I am being a little bit dramatic here, but I did catch pneumonia over the holiday break. That put a serious damper on the holiday video game playing, but I did manage to get some in. I was like a kid in a candy store though as I had a veritable cornucopia of games to play due to a certain game distribution company deciding to place everything on  sale! I think I picked up like 10 games from Steam over the break and played at least 4 of them. To top everything off, Santa delivered a shiny new Wii to the family that has been taking up a lot of my typical PC time. So once I get my game schizophrenia under control, I hope to get back to some regular blog posts.

Perfect storm = Computer OS crash leading to reinstall of old OS + catching pneumonia + holiday hoopla + new Wii!


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