DDO Weekend: Pid on the Loose


After having spent quite a while in single player land, and loving it I might add, I decided to head back into the land of MMO’s this past weekend. Last week was a disaster on the RL front as I had a water leak at home, caught a cold from my wife, and had to attend a company Christmas event. So feeling a little better and having some free time while my wife baked cookies and/or was in bed I got some good gaming in. Listening to my computer purr while playing a game makes me smile!

Anyway, I started a new character in DDO. I really haven’t progressed all that far with my other character (L5 Fav. Soul) as I only play that one with Robbiebit. I had a hand full of alts that I wound up deleting and started a new one. Meet Pid Foebreaker, the Rogue 1/Ranger 3 dwarf. For some reason I feel compelled to use genre friendly names with this game and I figured with a dwarf it doesn’t sound too out of line to use Pid.

I ponied up the money for the 32 point build not too long ago so I figured I would try something other than a Drow elf. I am nothing but pleased with this guy. I am not one for min/maxing of stats, so this may not be optimal but he is fun to play. I have him specced to be a trap monkey and a DPS guy. Currently he is wielding two +1 Dwarven waraxes and he is kicking axe and taking names. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I have soloed all of the content so far (cleric mercenary here or there) and have pretty much cleared out the docks of Stormreach.

So why has this been fun? I guess it is because of the same reason as many people have offered, it is really easy to get in and get out of this game. I had half an hour to play before work today and I ran a dungeon. I felt like I actually accomplished something! HALF an HOUR! Crazy! I even got a piece of loot or two. Nothing great, but not bad. Anyway, if you are on Ghallanda server you can find Pid Foebreaker kicking down doors in a dungeon near you.


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