Batman: AA is Awesome and that’s no Joker


I just finished playing through Batman Arkham Asylum a few minutes ago and all I have to say is wow. Action games aren’t typically something I really enjoy, but this got a lot of hype and well lets face it, Batman is cool. Anyway, the game has been out for a long while so I won’t give a formal review. I would suggest that if you haven’t played it, you keep your eyes peeled for bargains as it is worth full retail value, but is awesome at a bargain. Just a quick rundown on my likes and dislikes.

Likes: Interesting story, cool bat gear, Batman’s costume gets beat up as the story progresses, Harley Quinn, most of the puzzles, XBOX controller on Windows

Dislikes: All of the Scarecrow levels, a number of the boss battles were tedious, games for windows live


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