Thoughts on a Crow Remake


I saw this article today and it made me really stop to think about what my feelings were on the subject. They have decided to reboot The Crow franchise by remaking the original film. At first I felt complete disgust. If I had to pick one movie that was my favorite of all time (not the best movie of all time, but just my favorite) it would have to be Brandon Lee’s The Crow. I must have watched that movie a total of 6.2 million times in high school and college.

The more I think of the reboot however, it might just be a good thing. The original movie won’t disappear, and if they did it right, it could really be a good thing a la the recent Star Trek movie. If done right there could be a great number of movies or video games or whatever that could add some quality entertainment value. Only time will tell, but at this point I don’t have terribly high hopes. Maybe I’ll get pleasantly surprised…who knows!


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