Work is Killing Me


…or at least my blogging that is. Thought I’d pipe in a quick update on what’s what as I just haven’t had time as of late to post.

Thanksgiving last week was great. The time away from work and with my family was awesome. I can’t remember the last time I sat down with my wife and kids and actually ate dinner together. With my work schedule and our busy weekends it is nigh impossible, but of T-day weekend we managed 5 meals together!

In addition to the family time, I did manage to get a fair amount of work done around the house and I also got a lot of gaming in…sweet!

So T-day I was sitting at my parent’s relic of a computer trying to stave off a food induced coma while the majority of my family was playing some rediculous tween game with my niece when I went to and decided to try out Plants vs. Zombies…long story short I have been playing daily since.

The fact is I have logged more time in it than I have in Batman: AA which I purchased from Steam for $25 USD! Batman is awesome, yet I keep getting drawn to PvZ! Crazy!

Anyway, I have been having a blast playing these two games while anxiously awaiting my brother-in-law and Robbiebit to get some free time to play DDO. They can take their time at this point…Gotham is calling as well as my Anti-Zombie garden!


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