Color Me Confused About SW:TOR Classes


A while back I wrote a post about why I wanted to play a bounty hunter in The Old Republic when it comes out. To make a long post short(er) I thought that playing a non-force class would be the way to go because it would be less popular but the bounty hunter would be popular enough to not make it obscure. Now they just released two more Force classes and it would appear that my reasoning is not quite as good as it was before.

Syp just posted a poll over at Bio Break that allows you to vote on what class you would play. While it only had 148 votes when I looked at it, the leader with 30 votes was …wait for it…the bounty hunter! I was a little surprised, but when I thought about it some more I guess it makes some sense. Now that there are two force classes per side, each will vie for a chunk of the force user player base. If you add up the total of the Jedi Knight and Consular votes it is about the same as the bounty hunter tally. Strangely, if you add up the sith force users it is considerably less.

Now as a scientist in real life I should know better than to make heads or tails out of a poll with so few votes cast (especially an online poll), but it does make me wonder if I should consider changing my mind. With the new classes in effect, it will spread the force users into four classes instead of just two. This could be a blessing if the classes are unique and have separate equipment lines and talents. I realize a Jedi is a Jedi whether it is a melee fighter or a support class (they are both hefting a big laser sword after all), but if you use a little meta thinking, they are two separate MMORPG classes with potentially two separate MMORPG roles to play. For those that want to be a Jedi but not be the meat shield, they now have an alternative.

As the lore goes…it fits to some degree, and as game mechanics go it could work rather well if implemented properly. The devs still have some work balancing out the other classes and such, but maybe now I can make that Darth Maul character and not be like the ten million other ones…just the two million!


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