A Vote for the SPMMORPG


I read an interesting post today from br3ntbr0 at ITG and he was commenting on how he has never played a Single Player RPG before trying Dragon Age: Origins and how he was really pleased with his experience thus far. He mentioned it was a breath of fresh air for him not to have to deal with all of the prepubescent garbage that you have to deal with in most MMORPG’s these days. He did rather miss the camaraderie of his friends playing and wishes that the NPC party members were a group of his buds.

Spinks at Spinksville mentions

Bioware have learned a lot since the days of Baldurs Gate and Knights of the Old Republic – BG had a large game world and lots to do but never really grabbed me as a story. KOTOR leapt for the jugular with a character based storyline but made the player so much front and centre that it was almost embarrassing to play. I felt awkward knowing that the game was so blatently all about me.

In Dragon Age, you are the hero. You will do great and terrifying things, but there’s a whole world in this game and a lot of other people too. You will affect them, they will affect you.

I find both of these posts interesting individually, but more interesting when taken together. I have a feeling that the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic just may be the combination of both of these ideas. I am hoping that SW:TOR is essentially Dragon Age the MMO. I personally don’t care for the massively portion of MMORPG’s and would prefer games that are more intimate. I like the persistent world thing and love playing online with friends in an RPG environment, but quite honestly I could care less about the rest of the MMO population at large. I know, I am an antisocial hermit, but it works for me. I tend to be the guy who doesn’t warm up to new people but slowly develops a very solid relationship with a few.

From what I have read about SW:TOR, you take on quests and your party or whatever can go along with you and participate in the quest. It would be neat if they could participate in the quest as the NPC’s in Dragon Age do, i.e. being able to interject into the conversation and whatnot, but the decisions that really count for the quest will lie in the hands of the actual “owner” of the quest.

Clearly Bioware is touting SW:TOR as a new MMORPG experience with their “4th pillar” story element to their game. Many people are worried that this will be a “Single Player” MMORPG, but to be honest…this might be just the MMORPG I have been looking for!


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