A Dose of Guilt in DA:O


I don’t want to gush too much about Dragon Age today because I am still a little annoyed by the whole memory leak issue, but I have always been a huge fan of games that tell a good story. KOTOR, Baldur’s Gate, Call of Duty (as FPS stories go they are pretty good), Half Life to name a few are some of the games that not only have I completed in the little time I have to play games, but some of them I have completed multiple times! There are plenty of other games that, while I have found fun, have never held my interest  long enough to complete the game. (I’m looking squarely at you Total War series) Spin me a great yarn and I’ll be there for the long haul.

So what’s my point then? What made me feel guilty while playing DA:O today? (Be warned for possible minor spoilers.) Well I have progressed far enough in the game where I am starting to get the “permanent” members of my party and I have started to have to make decisions. So previously I had 4 people in my group and 4 party slots to fill. I made it to this town and found a new party member, a rogue to be exact. I was thrilled as I was sick of staring at all these locked chests with no ability to open them. So I had 5 group members and 4 slots so I happily said bye bye to the pooch and outfitted the new party member. So here I am with two sword and board warriors, a rogue, and a battle wizard. The warrior, his name is Alistair, and the wizard, her name is Morrigan are pretty funny as they are constantly bickering between the two.

After a quit to desktop and reload to get my frame rates back up, I progress through this town to find another person anxious to join my party. He is another warrior, but he is specialized in 2-handed weapons. Currently my party is composed of two defensive warriors and is a little lacking in the offense. So here was my dilemma, I really liked the personality of Alistair and was digging the banter back and forth between he and Morrigan, but I really wanted some more offense in the group. So Alistair is now riding the pine and the other warrior is in his place. The programmers were even kind enough to make Alistair whimper a little when you kicked him out of your group. Nothing like making you feel even worse!

Well so I have been feeling guilty today for benching Alistair, and why? It’s a blasted video game for crying out loud! It just goes to show what a good job Bioware did with the yarn spinning department that I actually give a crap about a character. That goes a long way in my book!


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  1. Arthur1977 Says:

    I agree with you, its hard deciding what characters to have in your party. I went so far as to restart my toon (after a few hours) and make him a rogue so I didn’t have the same skill set as Alistair.

    I also hate it when I disappiont the people in my party, but I tend to be a nice guy in the games and a few group mates seem to think I am just waisting time. Guess that is what makes the game so great!

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