They call me Boba Fett


Boba Fett

Aside from a night of DDO here and there with Robbiebit I have more or less eschewed all MMORPG’s for a time. There are numerous reasons but predominantly I have found a number of single player games that I have missed out on lately as a result of “logging in” for the past year or so. There is one game that has me amped up quite a bit to get back in to the MMO scene and it is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Now if you were to pick one IP that I find more interesting and generally love to death it would be the Star Wars universe. I know, I am a man alone here. Now I don’t have a wookie costume and I haven’t read all of the novels in the expanded universe, but I really like the IP and I figured if anything was worth trying out the MMO genre again it would be this game.

I have purposefully tried not to read too much information about the game to not get my self overly psyched about the game, I did that with Warhammer and ended up hating the game, but I browse through Darth Hater on occasion and sometimes read posts by other bloggers regarding the game. So in doing so I came across a post by Syp over at Bio Break where he more or less said he didn’t want to play a force wielding character because probably 99.99999% (my approximation, not his) of everyone interested in the game wants to brandish a light saber and force choke their neighbor. I tend to agree with him as well and here is why:

1) I need cheap loot: I am by no means a hardcore gamer. I don’t plan to raid and can’t play at the “optimal” play times due to my second shift work schedule. I figure since so many people will be Jedi or Sith Warriors, any gear to be bought will be premium because of supply and demand. This will help as a non-force user as you can buy gear cheaper and sell Light Sabers etc. for a great price…presumably.

2) Jedi and Sith Warriors can’t possibly be as awesome in game as they are in my mind’s eye or others for that matter (see Darth Hater). I know they are not gods in the lore, but they are powerful enough that by and large most other classes should not hold a candle to them. The thing is though this just won’t work in a game setting. Sure, canonically speaking, there are those few bounty hunters, troopers, scoundrels, etc. that might have half a chance at competing with a force user, but it would be a fraction of a percent. I’m not ready to drop my image of what a Jedi or Sith Lord is to the level required to play one.

3) Boba Fett is my favorite Star Wars character. Sure he was kind of a bum in the movies, but in the expanded universe they really flesh him out as a major stud. Bounty Hunters might be the next most popular class (at least for the Sith) so I think it might be a good fit. They won’t be so underplayed as to get no attention, but you should still be able to find some good gear for them. Also they look pretty neat game-play-wise.

Barring anything crazy I have more or less decided to play a BH as my main when I get to SW:TOR. So call me Boba Fett and keep your hands off Slave 1, I just had it waxed!


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