And the Journey Continues…


…at least to a point. So I have been playing the Dragon Age Journeys flash game the last few days and for some reason have really been addicted to it. Is it because the game is so awesome I can’t put it down…no; is it because the story is so tantalizing that I really want to see what happens next…not quite; then why the hell do I feel compelled to log into it whenever I have time. I guess the real answer is that the experience is greater than the sum of its parts as well as it is getting me excited to play Origins when it releases next week. Also the game harkens back to the good ol’ days when I originally got hooked on the RPG genre. You may be familiar with games titled Final Fantasy (no Roman numeral, just FFI) and Dragon Warrior!

Well I finished what is chapter one of the game and apparently they have yet to write a chapter next so I don’t know how much I will play it after next week rolls around. Why play the cheap imitation if you can play the real thing right? What I have played of it so far was pretty neat. I rolled a Dwarf Warrior that was specced for Sword and Shield. He was a tank and took a beating pretty well. I picked up a mage which unlike D&D rules acts as the only type of spell user in the game. He was specced as a healer and dabbled in lightning. He was made of glass, but stayed in the back and didn’t get hit too much. I also rescued a Grey Warden along the way. She is a warrior more or less and she was specced in two handed swords. Needless to say she died a lot.

 An interesting thing about the game though is that you can unlock achievements that will actually get you in game items in Origins. I thought it was a pretty neat pitch for the flash game and it also works as cheap advertising for Origins. Cool concept. I don’t know if it is unique to Dragon Age, but it is the first I have seen it.

 Also, for anyone who preorders Origins through Direct2Drive, you can preinstall the game on Sunday and begin playing at 10 AM on the 3rd! Sweet!


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