One down…


So I finished Half Life 1 a few moments ago. While I do tend to hate games with jumping puzzles (damn you Mario and that dragon thing, never did beat that game) the ending was pretty good. I will now pause for a while from HL to play Dragon Age: Origins when it comes out on Tuesday next. A couple of reasons:

1) I tend to get bored with FPS games after too long and HL1 was just at the cusp of my tolerance level.

2) It is supposed to be a really cool game.

3) MMORPG’s have got me down lately.

4) Bioware hasn’t made a bad game yet IMHO.

Anyway, I am really holding out of the MMO scene (aside from some casual play on DDO every once in a while with Robbiebit) so I will probably finish off DA:O and then either hit HL2 or maybe the Force Unleashed: Sith Edition. Either way I’ll keep tabs on it here.

Good gaming folks,


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